Penyelenggaraan Perumahan Nasional dalam Prespektif Kebijakan Konsolidasi Tanah


  • Mutiara Resky Hidayati Universitas Sebelas Maret
  • Rahayu Subekti Universitas Sebelas Maret
  • Purwono Sungkowo Raharjo Universitas Sebelas Maret



Policy analysis, Land Consolidation, Housing


The need for habitable housing, which is the right of citizens, is challenged by today's land problems. The problem of limited land resources, the level of urbanization, and community participation leads to a land crisis for housing implementation. In order to overcome this, the land consolidation policy with the legal foundation of Agrarian Minister Regulation Number 12 of 2019 is present. This study aims to examine land consolidation policies based on laws related to housing implementation and to determine the obstacles that occur in land consolidation practices. The method used is an applied normative legal research method. The types and sources of research data consist of primary legal materials and secondary legal materials. The data collection technique used is a literature review. The data is then analyzed using deductive analysis. The results showed that the land consolidation policy has not been fully supported by laws and regulations related to housing implementation and there are still many obstacle factors in its implementation such as from the condition of the community and the government responsible for organizing land consolidation itself.







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Penyelenggaraan Perumahan Nasional dalam Prespektif Kebijakan Konsolidasi Tanah. (2023). Primagraha Law Review, 1(2), 84-94.

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