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Primagraha Law Review mainly focuses on theoretical as well as practical aspects of law. This journal is a media for national (and international) legal scholars, academicians and legal practitioners to voice their legal opinions or publish their research. Articles to be published comprises of legal scientific articles, legal research reports, book reports or analytical essays on legal practice as well as legal thinking written by academicians or legal practitioners. These may include but are not limited to various fields such as civil law, criminal law, constitutional and administrative law, air and space law, customary institution law, religious jurisprudence law, international regime law, legal pluralism governance, and another section related to contemporary issues in legal scholarship. Primagraha Law Review is taken by adapting the name of the university which focuses on the field of law. This journal is published by Faculty of Law, Primagraha University twice a year (March and September).

Editor in Chief: Muhamad Romdoni, S.H., M.H

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Vol. 1 No. 2 (2023): September
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Primagraha Law Review is proud to present articles that have gone through a long process to be published in the Primagraha Law Review Journal. On Vol. 1 No.2 (2023) This Primagraha Law Review consists of 1). Fiksi Hukum: Idealita, Realita, dan Problematikanya di Masyarakat by Fathul Hamdani, Eduard Awang Maha Putra, Dinul Apriliana Akbar, Diah Puji Pangastuti, Fathul Khairul Anam; 2). Penyelenggaraan Perumahan Nasional dalam Prespektif Kebijakan Konsolidasi Tanah By  Mutiara Resky Hidayati, Rahayu Subekti, Purwono Sungkowo Raharjo 3). Kewenangan PTUN Mengadili Kasus Fiktif Positif Perizinan Pertambangan (Studi Kasus Putusan No. 4/P/FP/2020/PTUN.PL) by  Ahmad Rayhan, Shafiah Taqiyya, Rika Safitriana; 4). Indonesian Women's Right to Gender Equality and Sexual Reproductive Health; A Human Right Perspective by Obi Pratama; 5). Teori Ketepatan Waktu Hukum Terhadap Relaas Pemanggilan Melalui e-Summons dan Surat Tercatat by Novritsar Hasintongan Pakpahan.

Published: 2023-09-30
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Nama Jurnal : Primagraha Law Review
Frekuensi : 6 bulanan (Maret - September)
ISSN : 2988-5280 (online) 
Editor in Chief : Muhamad Romdoni, S.H., M.H
Penerbit : Fakultas Hukum Universitas Primagraha
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