Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

Articles will be reviewed based on the criteria of how well: the title of the article represents the content of the article, the abstract and the foreword describe the essence of the article, the introduction reflects the importance of the problem being researched, the research methods and problem-solving approaches are described in detail, the data and data interpretation displayed are feasible (rational) and clearly, the discussion is in accordance with the essence of the article, tables and figures that clarify the contents of the article, discussion and analysis is relevant to the results of research, contributions to science, relevant references used, originality, and systematics of writing.

Journal Primagraha uses a 'double blind review' process. That is, reviewers are not given the names and institutional affiliations of authors, and authors are not given the names of reviewers assigned to their articles. It is therefore important that authors remove all identifying information from articles including removing references in the text which will allow reviewers to identify authors, for example references to previously published authors. Names, institutional affiliations and references can be added if the article is accepted for publication.

Journal Primagraha accepts manuscripts of articles that have never been published before. Accepted articles will be reviewed by at least two reviewers, and a board of editors. Authors are expected to improve the manuscript according to the review of the editorial team. The editor will process the article for publication according to the provisions. Editor's decision cannot be contested.

Journal Primagraha has a two-stage review process. The first stage is an initial editorial review by one of the main editors, resulting in a decision to submit a peer review (stage 2) or an editorial rejection. The editorial review process usually takes about 1-2 weeks but can take longer in certain periods. If the article is forwarded to stage 2, Reviewer will be assigned to manage the review process. Here, two or more reviewer members will be assigned to review articles. The reviewers selected to review those articles just were selected based on their experience, expertise, and interests that align with the focus of the article. 

Overall, the Editor shall inform you of the results of the review as soon as possible, hopefully in 6 weeks. The Editors’ decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into concerning manuscripts considered unsuitable for publication in this ournal. All correspondence, including notification of the Editors’ decision and requests for revisions, will be sent by email.